What is it? Where is it? Nestled safe and sound in the historical ´Central Anatolia´ region of Turkey, this relatively unknown town really is ´The Land That Time Forgot´. The whole region is filled with mountainous, volcanic, natural structures that really do look like a staged Hollywood movie scene…Think Star Wars!

The sun rises each morning in tandem with the 200 or so hot air balloons that fill the Cappadocia sky with an abundance of colour, making an already picturesque scene into one that simply blows your mind. The town itself is a quaint little place full of museums, fabulous restaurants and of course plenty of colourful stores filled with their local wares. I feel I must also point out that there is zero harassment by the vendors


Getting there at first glance does appear to be a little daunting as there are no direct flights from Alicante. My advice is to put your faith in Turkish Airlines and take a flight from Valencia to Kayseri (changing planes in Istanbul). Find your spirit of adventure and add this natural wonder to your ´MUST DO´ list…oh, and keep it to yourself, the last thing we need is for this hidden gem to be unearthed and covered in tourists


As you have probably gathered by now, I am in no way a travel writer. I am actually a make-up artist and session stylist that has been asked to write an occasional article about beauty/fashion. Beauty comes in many forms, it can be make-up, hair, nails or clothing. It can also be a place, a person or even a moment. For this reason I thought I would make my introduction a little different…welcome to Cappadocia xxx


Ps…In the coming months I will be going back to basics so if there is something in particular you would like to see either beauty or fashion related please feel free to let me know

Pps…If you are thinking of visiting Cappadocia, The Sultan Cave Suites Hotel is highly recommended.

By Maddy Mirabela
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