Dessert of the world: Lemon cake

For those afternoons when you would like to enjoy something sweet, we bring you this spongy lemon cake. It is a classic, our grandmothers were always looking to give the best possible use to all the seasonal citrus fruits in whose aroma bask homes across the Mediterranean. It is a perfect option for giving your afternoon breaks that touch of freshness. You can enjoy it on its own or along a cup of tea or coffee.

Alicante’s gastronomic diversity (II)

In the province of Alicante we can try food options from other continents that can take us on a journey of flavours around the culinary world. Visitors and residents can enjoy exotic dishes from other countries by visiting the different restaurants that offer the best recipes that represent their culture.

Alicante’s gastronomic diversity (I)

In this article we would like to give you an introduction to the large variety of options at your disposal for satisfying your appetite in the province that our editorial board calls home, the province of Alicante. Because if you do not feel like cooking yourself and you would like to enjoy a nice evening or afternoon in the company of friends or family, you are not allowed to claim you do not know where to go to!

Desserts of the world: Quesillo

The quesillo is the Venezuelan version of the flan or cream pudding cake and each family has their own recipe. Believed to have been introduced in Venezuela by the Spaniards, egg pudding is a well-known dessert on the Canary Islands. It was originally prepared with…

Le Cabanon of Villajoyosa

Le Cabanon has been present on the seafront of Villajoyosa since 1996 offering a different menu to both tourists and residents, never forgetting the town roots. That is why its menu includes a great variety of seafood, fish or paellas together with other more innovative…