The ‘dog-friendly’ trend has arrived in Spain to stay, and proof of it is the amount of public spaces that are being opened up for dogs in the last few years. The dog-friendly beaches in Alicante attest to this, something that the pets’ owners value greatly since they can all go on holiday together.

The most important beaches for dogs in Alicante

We will show you the best beaches in Alicante for your dog to enjoy tumbling around in the sand, taking a dip in the sea and to get acquainted with other kind canines.

– Agua Amarga beach. This beach, open since 2016, can be found in Alicante. Despite its small length, 250 well used metres that reach up to Urbanova, it has purposeful umbrellas, litter bins and raised surfaces where the dogs can eat. Do not stress if you left the chow at home, you will find a small store selling dog food right next to it. The beach can be used all year.

– The Caleta dels Gossets. It is located next to the Cape Santa Pola Natural Park, and is characterised by having a type of fine sand and a rocky bottom. Since there are no user restrictions, dogs can visit it all year round.

The Caleta de Punta del Riu Sec. Located in El Campello and open since 2013, it is an inlet at the end of the delta of the Riu Sec, between the beaches of Muchavista and Carrerlamar. The biggest appeal of this specific beach lies in its easy access and its location at merely half a km from the town’s dog park.

– The ‘Mar y Montaña’ (Sea and Mountain) Beach. This dog beach was inaugurated two years ago, and its key traits include its tranquillity and the lack of visitors. It is located on the northern shore of Altea, very close to the community of Villa Gadea. Well worth a visit if you are on holiday with your best four-legged friend.

– The El Xarco inlet. This canine beach space was opened to the public in La Vila Joiosa in 2015, in the south of the city. It is a natural beach made of gravel and rock, and specifically the right end of the inlet is the one that has been prepared for dogs’ use. It does not have a wide range of facilities like other beaches but compensates for them by having no restrictions for its access 365 days a year.

Basic rules for the use of dog beaches

It is important to know the rules for dog beaches, although common sense should reign in any social environment, since not obeying them may result in heavy fines for the owners. Before getting on the beach with your dog, you should read the instructions on the warning that is commonly posted at its entrance, where users are asked to clean up the mess, to respect the timetable for its use, to put a muzzle on dangerous dogs, along with any other command there provided. Gone are the days when you had to leave your loyal friend at the house of family members to go to the beach. The holidays with your dog on the beaches of Alicante will surely be the most remembered.