The calm before the battle, the trumpet to announce it, the sight of ships breaking waves, guns firing, swords colliding, the on-rushing hooves of galloping horses, cries of war, sorrow and joy – above all, music and celebration. Tradition and culture. Experience evoking sounds, sounds leading to experiences. Live them all in El Campello.

Bunyolada de Sant Josep

The oil boils and the dough of the fritters fries to the ideal point. La dolçaina y el tabalet bring the music that every festival needs. And in la Plaza de la Iglesia, like every year, the closer Saturday to the day of St Josep, 19th of March, the town meets and celebrates with a traditional evening among friends and family thanks to the Fundació Sant Josep.

Virgen del Carmen

“Salve… estrella de los mares”, sings the crowd of sailors that have just carried their patroness, la Virgen del Carmen, on their shoulders, on the 16th of July. It is the end of a procession that began at sea, surrounded by dozens of boats. The end of the celebration comes with fireworks, which turn the coast into an even more beautiful picture.

Muixeranga El Campello

An increasingly alive tradition in El Campello, getting more popular in different celebrations such as Fireta de Sant Joan, 9 d’octubre, Virgen del Carmen… Whether at sea or at land, young and old join their efforts and hopes in challenging gravity, in what has become a sign of ancestral culture. Coordination and risk, possible falls and new achievements, la muixeranga is here to stay.

Fireta de Sant Jaume

The main square closed to traffic and the life flows in its center. Young people play pilota valenciana while la fireta has just been set up next to them, the music stages are prepared for the night concerts and the people placed themselves in order to have dinner under the warmth of the moon. And to finish properly, some traditional carts are pulled by horses to Carrer de la Mar and to a big banyà popular. All this in honor to Santiago de Compostela, around 25th July.

9 de octubre – Día de la C.Valenciana

If the festivities of Moros y Cristianos are the must-see event in the cultural agenda in El Campello, then there could be no better introduction than el Día de la Comunidad Valenciana. El 9 d’octubre is an appetizer, a red carpet, that announces with its many activities what is to come. Jaume I entered Valencia to liberate an entire region and that day is remembered with joy by El Campello.

Mocadorà, Jaumet i Dansà

Watching a children’s theatrical representation of Jaume’s I conquest, lost among the public, two young people look at each other and wait for their moment. They are celebrating another occasion, as today is also Sant Dionís, patron saint of lovers; to give themselves as a present a handkerchief (mocador) full of sweets. Later on they dance la Dansà to celebrate their love, like everyone else.

Moros y Cristianos de El Campello

A year of waiting. A year of expectation and hope. A year full of work and preparations. Of heated discussions and consensual decisions. Of small frustrations and great satisfactions. A year in order to overcome the previous one, even though the bar was set very high. One year for a week. A week to celebrate everything, with everything: desembarcament, battles, parades, processions, correfocs, mascletades, fireworks… And music, gunpowder and colour.

Desembarco El Campello

Silence could be one of the most expressive sounds. In the dark of dawn, while everything is calm, the assistants to the biggest event of the Moros y Cristians festival can easily confirm that. And suddenly, everything changes. A trumpet and the fire announce the arrival of the Moorish ships. The noise is like a blow that leaves the public dazed and without knowing what to do, except to enjoy the epic battle that enfolds before their eyes.

The scene where this struggle takes place could not be more special: on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on the beach besides Carrer la Mar and with the imposing Torre de La Illeta as an exceptional witness. The sunlight shines in all its splendour and thanks to it one can clearly appreciate the movements of fighters, horses, swords and blunderbusses. The noise does not confuse anyone anymore, now is the image that marvels.

Desfiles Moros y Cristianos

The scream is heard loud and clear despite the music from the band that accompanies  every parade, as well as its own noise. Their movements are energetic and determined, an act of authority and harmony on the squad. With his leadership the corporal is able to interpret the music and give the march a purpose. The public pays homage in the best possible way: applauding and cheering.

Embajadas Moros y Cristianos

What hurts more: a punch or an insult? What is more powerful: the word or a sword? The emotion of the battle moves in las Ambaixades to the field of dialects. Without weapons or any other aid, each side trust his fate to its representative. Here enemy and public are conquered through the prose… In valenciano, a unique fact in Valencian language.

Mascletà y fuegos artificiales

The sound of sounds. Just as El Campello would not be possible without the sea, a festival could not exist without mascletades i focs. The moment or the reason does not matter at all, the sound of a good mascletà always means joy and celebration. As a luxury companion, els focs (fireworks) are in charge of colouring the night through impossible shapes and rhythms.

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