We know that, since good weather and holidays are approaching, you want to listen to your music outdoors, either in your garden or terrace or wherever you go. We inform you that there is a wide range of sound systems ideal for outdoor use.

Key features you should consider before purchasing an outdoor sound system.

The technology that underlies these devices is very similar to the one that underlies indoor equipment, but the former have some specific features you should take into consideration before purchasing one:
– Weather conditions are important. If you are going to use it in humid or rainy areas or near swimming pools, we recommend a water-resistant or even underwater device.
– When purchasing a portable device, battery life and possibilities of mains power connection for its operation or recharge are important too.
– Evaluate the size and quantity of drivers or speakers, since these features provide a more powerful sound in outdoor spaces and improve bass sounds.

Choosing, for example, a garden music player.

Next we will see some models of outdoor sound devices which are among the most versatile of today’s market:
– PHILIPS SBT30: this tiny but powerful device from the prestigious brand Philips has a peculiar hand-grenade shape available in different colours. It incorporates Bluetooth connection and streaming music system from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Its battery lasts eight hours and it has a built-in microphone so that you can answer calls directly.
– Yamaha WX-030: an elegant device from the well-known Japanese brand and monolith shaped available in black or white. Its sound power is 30 watts and is compatible with Music Cast and you can connect it using Wi-Fi, App Control or Bluetooth. It can be connected to any player and even a NAS unit (Network Attached Storage).
– Bose SoundLink Mini II: the American brand offers this powerful portable speaker with a battery life of up to 16 hours. It provides a high quality sound and deep bass sounds. It has a hands-free and voice prompts system to guide you during Bluetooth connection.
– Sonos Play:1: a speaker with a compact tubular design, in black and white, which provides exceptional sound clarity. Only Wi-Fi connection.
Denon ENVAYA MINI: this speaker is water resistant and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. It has a Bluetooth streaming system. It is available in colour combinations -black and blue or white and orange.

– B&W T7 Wireless: you can buy this luxurious model of portable speaker in silver or gold and it has a battery life of up to 17 hours and crystal-clear, hi-fi sound. It is specially designed for very defined bass sounds.

With this impressive range of outdoor devices, we are sure you can enjoy listening to your music anywhere with the highest quality

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