The popular festivals of the Alicante province are one of the great attractions of summer. There are all sorts of options to enjoy culture, tradition, history and cuisine to suit all tastes.

The starting signal is Hogueras (bonfires) that are celebrated in the capital city by San Juan (Saint John). It is similar to the Fallas in Valencia, with a bullfighting festival with the best bullfighters and a great atmosphere by the sea -characteristics of this fun must-attend event. Next, we recommend you the most outstanding festivals so that you can complete your holidays in the best possible way.

Festivities in the month of July in the province of Alicante

In the city, the San Blas district celebrates its festival of Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) during the first week of July. Spectacular costumes, music and history are part of a festival where you can enjoy the purest essence of a Mediterranean celebration full of personality.

During the second week of the month, the reconquest of Moors and Christians is celebrated in Orihuela. It commemorates how Christians freed the people from Muslim troops in the thirteenth century. Once again, this festival is characterised by fun, traditional and non- transferable aesthetics.

Hogueras festival is the king of the party in San Vicente del Raspeig during the third weekend of July. The burning of furniture and old junk coincides with the awards ceremony to groups of Moors and Christians. Once again, fire and fun take place in this unmissable event.

During the second half of July the Moros y Cristianos festival is also celebrated in Guardamar del Segura. All the local people participate in L’Encantá. The assault on the fortification of the town is very realistic, as well as the disembarkments on the beach, the battles between both sides, the parades and everything related to a historical reenactment of this type. At the end, there are spectacular fireworks and the melody of the eternal pasodoble entitled “Paquito el chocolatero”.

24 July is a key date for Villajoyosa. Its festival of Moros y Cristianos has deservedly become a festival of International Tourist Interest. The battle between Christians and Moors in 1538 is commemorated. On 28 July the disembarkment is celebrated. There are 30 boats arriving at the port of the town where the Christians are waiting for them. Pirates succeed in their purpose of conquering the castle although, at the end of the day, they will be expelled again.

The following day, a mass is celebrated in honour of Santa Marta, who is taken on horseback by a carrier chosen for the occasion. In between these performances you can taste exquisite paellas and enjoy unforgettable scenes on the beach. The aforementioned distinction is clearly deserved, as you will see when you attend this festival, full of magic and history.

Festivals in the province of Alicante during the month of August

The Misterio de Elche is one of the most important religious festivals in Spain. It is celebrated in August. Throughout this month the entrance of the Moors and Christians in the city, the

floral offerings or the Embassies are commemorated. Essential events: the Nit de l’Albà – on 13 August, where pyrotechnics play a major role – and the Nit de la Roà – between 14 and 15 of August -. In the latter, in the afternoon, the first part of the Misterio is performed, in which the Virgin Mary dies leaving her body exhibited so that the people may keep a vigil over her. Torches fill every corner of the city so that there is enough light and the mother of Christ can be venerated.

On the 15th, with continuous Masses from 4 a.m., the Virgin’s ascension to the heavens is performed in the crowded Basilica of Santa María. After finishing the performance, the streets are filled with happiness for having witnessed once again a festival that dates from the seventh century.

Dénia has one of the most famous festivals of Moros y Cristianos. It is celebrated between 13 and 16 of August. Special highlights: the disembarkment, reveilles and parades, all of them as spectacular as unmissable. This beautiful coastal town dresses up to celebrate its big festival and fill all its streets with colour.

The Moros y Cristianos festival of the Altozano neighbourhood in Alicante is celebrated in the week of 15 August. Its peculiarity is that children also take part in this festival. Watching them in the parades emulating adults makes the spectators feel a sense of happiness. As usual, rice and fireworks will be present to complete your stay.

As you can see, the province of Alicante celebrates varied and interesting festivals during the two main months of summer. It is remarkable how age-old tradition has been continued by the different generations that never cease progressing and improving their full-of-life festivals.

It is up to you to design your agenda so as not to miss any of these dates with the history of a province that not only offers endless resources to tourists, but also an exquisite sample of the important historical events that have marked their path over the centuries.

If you want to turn your next trip to Alicante into a summer full of emotions, sensations and joy do not hesitate to enjoy these popular festivals. Locals will always make you feel welcome and explain everything you need to know to change your opinion about a province full of secrets, positive features and other elements to be progressively discovered during your stay. How about letting yourself go with music, gunpowder and history?