When we are thinking of tourism we often associate it with the sun and the beach but things do not have to be this way. Discovering the areas removed from the coastline can be an advantageous and different experience. A type of holidays removed from the crowd and in direct contact with nature.

The interior has places to discover

When hear the name Alicante you surely think of the beach, towns such as Altea, Elche or Jávea take the credit. But you should not allow yourself to be led in this manner, the mountainside of this province is a unique space that when you explore it will catch your attention and ensure you will repeat your trip.

Discovering the interior of Alicante

It is the perfect area for hiking, cycling, or riding a horse. The entire province has different perfectly identified and marked routes to enjoy its nature and its landscapes while you are carrying out activities in the open air.

If the time is right for you to refresh yourself you have natural ponds at your disposal in the rivers, they will help you lower the temperature of your body and to enjoy the cool and sweet water of these spaces. It is an alternative way to live your holidays that you will enjoy to the max.

The Pego- Oliva natural park is one of those places you just cannot miss out on, this wetland has many canals at its disposal and we can find a large variety of birds there. The wooden boardwalks make it possible to walk over a large selection of rice plantations, thus allowing nature and agriculture to blend together in a single location in perfect harmony.

The Barranco del Infierno (literally the ‘Ravine from Hell’) is an attraction that can be explored by mule or donkey ride across the gorge. Different routes with different difficulty levels to discover the waterfalls and charms that this place hides in its interior.

If you are a speleologist at heart, there is a large variety of caves to visit. The best known is the cave in Rull, a large chamber filled with chalk formations. Do not neglect to heed the instructions for visiting it and avoiding the dangers associated with such places.

The towns scattered about the interior have a unique charm. Some of the more curious are those in the Valle de Gallinera, this is because they are joined through their Arabic names; Benimassot, Benimar-full or Benilloba are some of them.

Guadalest is another of those towns that makes the difference. In it you can discover the castle of San José (Saint Joseph) on the highest rock in town. The shops, bars, markets and its vantage point give it a unique charm that turn it into a compulsory place to visit.

If you like getting lost in the woods, the Font Roja (Red Well) is a unique place. This sanctuary is surround by oak and maple trees. It offers a beautiful vantage point on the surroundings known as Pozos de la Nieve (the Wells of Snow).

Discover the charms away from the coast

Inland tourism allows you to discover hidden places that will make you feel part of nature. To associate a place with the beach is a mistake, since entering it will allow you to discover charming towns and unique spaces.