Simplicity translated into minimalism and modernist and even futuristic designs are in vogue in interior design and decoration more than ever in 2018. These concepts go hand in hand with customized furniture that reflects the personal touch of its owner and is distributed in intimate and functional spaces.

In every decoration project, beauty and usefulness must come together, in addition to order and space in contrast to soft and homogeneous tones.

Trends in 2018

– Nature plays a predominant role this year with the presence of materials such as terracotta, cork and the use of natural woods that reflect nature’s offerings in the home -relaxation, modernity, good state of mind and simplicity. The use of wood is key in ceilings and walls providing a sophisticated and natural style.

– Simplicity or minimalism still maintains a prominent position in our trend review. Geometric lines such as squares, rectangles or straight lines will sparkle in the rooms they decorate -elegant, modern and neat. Circular shapes will not be so fashionable this year, since the trend is to define spaces by means of figures with pointed ends.

– Metallic details are also in the limelight this year 2018. Gold and copper will no longer be used that much, although it is clear that the former will always be trendy, no matter how or when. Metallic details provide our decorative concept with a touch of luxury that is still in vogue.
If gold and copper are not the predominant elements, bronze earns power, being present in details of accessories, furniture and mirrors, among others. If you mix bronze with marble, the lighting of your spaces will be greater. In fact, marble effect will be very used too and will be perfectly combined with this metal, resulting in a feeling of space optimization. Other metals that come into play are silver, polished nickel or brass.

– Neutral colours: the use of neutral colours such as white, predominant in minimalist spaces, is trending in 2018. And not only white, but also beige, grey, sand colour or even terracotta. Mixing these colour shades with touches of brighter ones such as red, yellow, pink or blue is also trending.

– Furniture size: one of the important aspects to create a certain harmony in interior design in 2018 is the search for proportionality, that is, fitting furniture directly proportional to the size of the spaces to create a cosy atmosphere.

– Light bulbs in this year 2018 are retro and coloured models, especially indoors, so pay attention even to these details.

The trends in decoration and interior design in 2018 in Alicante will set the tone of what is to be expected for next year. Minimalism or simplicity and modernism with touches of elegance and neutral tones are undoubtedly the most fashionable trends.