The summer is one of those seasons that are ideally suited to enjoy life to the fullest. These months are the best to spend time in the pool, on the beach or with friends. And, even though you surely like to enjoy a good meal based on seasonal produce, you are surely not going to want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. That is why you will find four recipes that are very quick and easy to prepare in this article. Feeding yourself in a balanced manner has never been more within your reach. Can you spare five minutes? Then you have more than enough time!

Quick and light recipes

Let us be honest, preparing complex recipes that represent a culinary challenge can be a wonderful experience, but it is best to leave such matters for when the weather is cold. During the summer there is no time to lose, but do not forget that you ought to consume seasonal vegetables and fruit that allow for an easy digestion, that keep you hydrated and make you stomach feel light. That is why hereafter you will find a series of recommendations that can get you out of more than one tight spot in very few minutes. All using refreshing nutrients, unique flavours and highly affordable products.

Summer mixture

You only need three ingredients: tomatoes, onions and cucumber. Cut all vegetables in small dices. Mix them into a bowl and add a garnish with olive oil, vinegar and salt according to your taste. If you want to you can supplement it with a can of tuna. A tip: store all the vegetables in the fridge for a couple of hours before hand, this will help you a lot in lowering the temperature of your body.

Salmorejo from Cordoba

One of the most famous preparations from our gastronomy could not be omitted here. Using three large tomatoes and 200 grams of bread you will have enough to prepare two well filling portions of this cold soup. If you use bread from the previous day, leave the crumbles to soak while you cut the tomatoes. Put the ingredients in the beaker of the blender of the mixer with a clove of garlic. Add a pinch of salt, vinegar according to taste and sprinkle the mixture bit by bit with a drizzle of virgin olive oil. Emulsify well and there you go. To avoid the garlic from repeating, try removing its core.

Lentil salad with curry

Are legumes compatible with quick recipes? Of course they are. You can find a large variety of them in cans at the supermarket. They are already perfectly cooked and ready for your consumption. A very healthy option to savour this very nourishing product. Fill a bowl with a portion of 100 grams of lentils, add a handful of spinach and half an apple. Prepare a curry and lemon-based vinaigrette. It will taste like you are being transported to Morrocco. This is a completely vegetarian dish that will provide you with a lot of protein. Ideal for athletes.

White garlic

You only need 200 grams of almonds soaked in water, bread, garlic and seasoning based on olive oil. Mix them well in a food processor and serve cold. It is so easy that you will find this mixture of flavours in your palate hard to believe.

This summer, using these recipes you will be able to enjoy the best gastronomy at home in a cheap and, above all, very easy way.

Photo: ©tortic84