By Óptica Costablanca

Most of the stimuli we receive every day reach us through our eyesight: admiring a landscape, reading a book, watching people smile, are part of the joy of life. Does not that seem like enough a reason to you to care of it?

The world of optics is firmly advancing towards the quality of the lens-based treatments and the customization of the lenses to offer each person an optimal vision in a personalised manner. To wear glasses it is not necessary to be suffering from a refractive visual defect. The blinding effect of headlights when we are driving, the ultraviolet light that is constantly present in our environment, the harmful radiations that are emitted by the screens of digital devices, environmental pollution, irreversibly deteriorate our eyes’ health resulting in cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, chronic red eyes, eye fatigue, etc. All these risk factors that our eyes face daily can be avoided using ophthalmic lenses with a proper treatment.

Óptica Costa Blanca is a specialized center in Visual Health, we have the knowledge and the products at our disposal to ensure our customers feel safe and happy with their glasses. We have been Varilux Specialists for over more than forty years and we therefore have the proper instruments at our disposal to customize your lenses, just like your eyes deserve. 

Our team will help you individually and with a proximity treatment in over ten languages, because when health is concerned, communication is fundamental to give you the proper solution. We have an extensive collection of top national and international brands at our disposal that offer us modern and quality solutions so all our clients feel different and special.